Thursday, October 19, 2006


These are my first pictures with my new-to-me, on-loan camera from a "free space" sponsor. So what do I do with the camera? Shoot the washer machine in my favorite "free space," the laundry room! I have also included a picture of my work table.

Over the past few days I have been finalizing details for the Santa Barbara project, soon to be my new "free space" for the month of November. The show is up through the 7th of January, so in the month of December I'm trying to have other people come out to Santa Barbara (for free) and host events in my living room-sized installation.

Hendrik Gerrit has agreed to come out, at the encouragement of LMCC's Director Tom Healy and present a lecture/workshop on temporary space for artists, titled "Free Swing." Maybe we'll end up with a new Santa Barbara residency program?

I have lots of questions to answer over the next few months of "free spacing;" like where does free meet need, and how does motherhood intersect with art-making, and when does work happen, and what is the resulting object or is there a specific one related to "free space?" And is one ever satisfied with the time given and the space provided? I will search out answers in the "free space."