Saturday, October 21, 2006

60 Wall Street and Lobi's Space

I worked at 60 Wall today and was called away to Lobi's Space. Lobi and her husband, my upstairs neighbors, needed a pinch hitter baby sitter, so after their kids fell asleep, I went up to their apartment and set up a temporary studio. I actually got a lot done, or something at least. It was a good change of space to work in their apartment, and they are very supportive "free space." I was going to work in the laundry room if they hadn't called and needed an artist/baby sitter.

They came home from dinner and we were all appreciated the time to work and the evening out, and they liked the mandala collage I completed. I work on 5 different types of drawings in "Free Space;" mandalas, something I call "fill-ins" (collages about space), "folds" (an origami-like method), "builds" (sculptural, blah, blah..), and unstraight drawing with crooked rulers.