Saturday, September 30, 2006

Same Place Different Artist

Still working in Suzanne's studio...getting comfortable. Had coffee this morning with Eleanor Williams, director of Finesilver Gallery in Texas. She is here for (212) art fair. We've talked about my post studio practice enough so that she is very familiar with the terms. We discussed the "studio as status symbol" issue apparent in the question often asked of artists by other artists and art world people, "So, where's your studio these days?"

I've been experimenting with answers to that status seeking question always answering it in slightly different ways. One possible answer: "I'm experimenting with studio space..." And then I explain or "I don't need a studio to do what I do."

I will be discussing definitions of the post studio practice with Miki Garcia, the dynamic new executive director of the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum (CAF) in Santa Barbara on November 11th. More details and answers to the studio questions to come.