Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Nap Time at the Lodge

I'm not really napping at the "Lodge," my friends apartment where I work on alternate Tuesdays and Thursdays, but it is rejuvenating to come here. I climbed up to the perch I built her on her terrace and snapped this picture. It's a very cloudy day, and now I am flipping through a book titled Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing, linked above. It's a helpful review and I am glad it's here for me to see at this particular Free Space!

Last night it was down in the dungeon of the storage space where it was hot and cramped, but I did manage to make some progress, with scissors in hand, a few drawings got built. I like it down there, even though I was sweating. I work fast too because I'm scared someone is going to come in and wonder what I'm doing on the floor. I also wonder what's behind all those storage units-wonderment abounds.

It is much nicer to work here, at the "Lodge," to be surrounded by art and have a little more space to work and look. It's definitely cooler too!

It is hard not having a studio space, particularly as I try to organize projects for Santa Barbara and Michael Steinberg gallery. Not having a studio means staying organized, and the question always remains, "where will I work next, and how will I get my work done?"