Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Mellow Day in the Studio

I added lights to my storage closet at 526 w. 26th Street. I love light, this being the only "free space," which has presented the opportunity to screw in some light bulbs. Putting up these bulbs up marks the first time I have improved a "free space," as opposed to finding a "free space" and working in it. This brings up the point that an artist can sometimes spend more time improving their space then actually making work in the space.

I also want to add to the post studio practice discussion here by sharing an overhead comment by an artist about her day in the studio, she said and I paraphrase, "I had a really mellow day in the studio. I wasn't in a bad mood nor was I in a good mood, but I was ok with it." The artist speaking here refers to the studio as if she was spending time with a family member or some other person. To say, "I had a really mellow day...," says nothing about the work that is made. Maybe she's actaully trying to say that she didn't get anything accomplished? Artists often refer to their studios like the space DOES the work for them. For instance, I've heard artists say, "I spent all night in the studio...," like that's a badge of honor? These are more questions that I have as I try to make work.