Thursday, September 28, 2006

Learning to Work Differently

I've moved out into the artist's studio, Suzanne, who rents the area outside my storage closet at 526 w. 26th Street. Is that confusing? She's away, at a residency, and she said I could work in her space. So here I am. And why aren't I here more often? About 3 years ago, I decided to stop putting the majority of my limited resources into space rental. If I am able, if funds allow, I try to put it all into the work.

I am trying to be in that "studio head space" all the time or a lot of the time. What does making art, working at making art really mean, what does it entail? It doesn't mean having a studio full-time. But it seems like it means having a couple of storage spaces. Yuck, I don't really like storage or do I? It seems like a necessity right now.

Linked above-an artist who has made storage an art form.