Monday, September 25, 2006

526 W.26th Street

Free Space is about freeing up space and this week it's back to my art storage space at 526 w. 26th Street. This used to be my studio, yes, I had space and we were together for 10 years. Now I rent it out for cost (we are not allowed to make money on the space, but I'm sure some people do) and because the sublet agreement was so amiable, the tenant's architect boyfriend and the building's construction staff, built me a closet. (Pictured here before and after I "freed-up" a little space to work, and I put my feet up for about 30 seconds!)

I have chosen to work in "free spaces," and made a decision that 526 w. 26th Street, located in the center of the Chelsea/New York artworld, was not condusive to making work anymore, I needed a more open relationship with work space. There's a constant buzz, for me in Chelsea, and no cracks in the sidewalk that make it possible for the me to bloom. As a cultural worker, I need to continue questioning, and here in Chelsea the answers are presented in hundreds of galleries, literally. I am hoping to find some of the answers to my creative questions in free spaces. Some of the questions are obvious, how do I work for the least amount of money and how do I incorporate a creative process that allows for me to be in that "studio-like creative place all the time?" I don't want to feel the pressure of having to log studio hours when taking care of Grant and when I have the time, I need to be ready to work. More on all of this...