Sunday, October 28, 2007

Joining the early morning shift

From time to time you hear about writers, mostly women, primarily mothers who wake up at the crack of dawn to write their masterpieces. Well, now that Grant no longer naps, but sometimes sleeps until 8:00 am or even 8:30 am, I have joined the early morning shift. It's too early to tell, in more ways than one, how it will effect my practice, but I hope to finish some pieces, if not masterpieces. Right now I'm thinking I need warmer pjs!

Late yesterday, in a quiet Pocket Utopia, and while Christine Catsifas worked in the back, I pulled out my sketchbook with my New York Times cover photos and drew on them with some of my wacked and hacked rulers.

The sun was setting a beautiful pink and now another New York Times with a cover photo of newly recruited Iraqi policemen greets a new morning. Maybe I should have some breakfast. I hear Grant waking up.