Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So close, yet so quiet in this foreign world

At Donnell Library, I'm in a foreign world, albeit a quiet one. I set up on the third floor, the World Languages Department, at a circular table in the center of Russian, German, Swedish and French titles. The German books are beautiful and I collect some in order to demarcate my space. I create a perimeter of sorts within which to work. I begin by working extremely small. I start taking over the table (even though, judging by their books, there are some French and Russian library patrons to my right and left, respectively).

With my book barricade, I've managed to make a private world. It is so quiet, although my Russian and French neighbors are so close. Like a good American, true to my birthrate, I have taken over the table, diligently protecting my space. I am embeded in the folds of my work.