Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Putting everything in perspective

I realized after a few unsettling days of trying to settle in Santa Barbara, installing my show, and acclimating Grant to his new environment, what I needed most was to put everything into perspective. The show will get installed, Grant is already getting accustomed to his new surrounds, and I managed to take a half hour break at the taco stand that is practically in my backyard.

My project at CAF is all about putting things into a few different perspectives. For the first time, the drawings and the perches are acting as one and the events associated with perching (tea, chats and cake eating) are all scheduled and organized in a very programmatic way. A perch isn't just installed within a gallery setting, I have created that gallery setting.

I think I'll learn the true act of juggling while here, not only within the related and separate practices within my art, but also within my life of mothering and the making of art. This juggling is going to be a necessity, and to quote my favorite art critic, Jerry Saltz, it is part of the whole ball of wax.