Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Planning for more free tea, Grant sleeps

Today it's more tea at 3:00 in my installation. I bought some cookies and am packing up extra cups, for I'm expecting about 4 folks to join me. Grant is sleeping, it's really been an adventure for him...So he's taking an unscheduled morning laydown, he's pretty much passed out. Our time out here is supposed to be like a residency. It's an unstructured, do-it-yourself residency, with the artist finding their own place to stay and then performing daily in the gallery. In my case, Grant and I are staying with 2 guys, and a girl we don't really know, but are learning to like a lot. And they are learning what life with a 2 year old is like.

Nathan, Erin Smith, and Jeff Clark are our housemates during this quasi-residency. Jeff was supposed to be traveling...And he does do that, for he's in and out all day, he's also supposed to be staying at our apartment in NY, but hasn't quite gotten to that part yet.

So I'm not really doing a residency and Jeff's not really doing an apartment swap. But everyone has been accomodating and sweet towards Grant and we are all residing here on San Pascual in a little bungalow with avocado and orange trees, and a passion fruit vein. Just wish it wouldn't get so cold at night and Grant didn't know how to unlock and open the doors and run down the street!!