Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Open for Tea

I had my first tea at CAF within my installation with Nathan Larramendy and Danielle Rubi. Let's just say tea is off to an auspicious beginning.

Nathan runs an amazing gallery in Ojai...Who knew! He brought us inspiring stories of his four years of gallery running in Ojai after ten years of gallery operations in San Francisco. He's building a succulent garden at his family's home (built by his grandfather) in Ojai all gleamed from other people's succulents-for free!! He writes letters to succulent owner's, sometimes spotted via a drive-by siting. He has never been rejected. He digs up the plants and everyone's happy!!

Tea was followed up with a potluck of sorts at my place with housemate Jeff Clark, Liz, the assistant curator at CAF, and her boyfriend/photographer Graham Bury.

I'm typing in the dark while Grant sleeps, so I should probably stop because he is starting to stir and I'd like to end with everyone happy.