Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Multi-tasking in the Kitchen and Looking Ahead

Today I'm in the quiet of the kitchen, trying to get down to the tasks of building and planning events for my Santa Barbara project, it's a salon-based project, so I will be there holding tea in the space and hosting other events. I'm also trying to progress in the drawing department here. Here, being the kitchen table, which I like every once in a naptime since it is so quiet and clean, if I stop to do the dishes, etc. Grant is napping and it might be a 3 hour one, for he was up a lot last night and he appears to be growing!

I really enjoyed working at the "Lodge" yesterday and felt like I made some breakthroughs in the way I draw, for I've been collecting and altering rulers, measuring tools, for the last year and then using them to make line drawings, where nothing is straight-not straight line drawings. I've attached a picture. Coming up, I'll be posting from the laundry room and a public atrium located at 60 Wall Street.

Using rulers to make drawings and working in free spaces really focuses my attention on spaces beyond what's readily perceived.