Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Last day for a little while at least at LMCC

Today is my last day at LMCC. Hendrik Gerrit, LMCC's director, recently promoted, of Swing Space, has been coordinating my moves. My Free Space is sort of an independent study or extra credit project of Swing Space. Swing Space is a space grant program that connects artists and arts organizations with vacant commercial space downtown. Studio, rehearsal, office, installation, and exhibition space awards are typically for two to four months and are accompanied by a project stipend of $300-$3,000. Clicking on LMCC will provide all the details.

Their offices, with many folks on vacation in August, has been a great place to "free Space." My time at LMCC has been spent organizing my project for the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, titled Salon: A Framed Social Space, and opens November 11, 2006 and runs through January 2007. Free Space will be in Santa Barbara for the duration of the exhibition, here's a description:

A-Framed Social Space continues a series of "perches," or spaces set-off from the everyday, created by Austin Thomas. Over the past several years Thomas has been creating architectural structures specifically suited for gathering and interaction. These structures called "perches," are functional and artful, and are often designed to fit a particular setting. For Salon, she will construct a free form A-frame designed to fit the space and in it host a series of events tailored to fit the social environment. When not there to play hostess, visitors can enjoy and relax within this indoor vacation-home inspired space.
The space becomes like a living room for special events or a place for “"perch practice," to happen. ("Perch practice"” is defined as a variety of social events from teas to tete-a-tetes.) It is the artist'’s goal to make a community-oriented project by nurturing the local arts community. Through word of mouth and a series advertised events A-Framed Social Space will be the place for artists to be.

  • Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum